So this is post one of many as I journal about being on the road to becoming a Pastor’s wife + missionary to a rural community somewhere in America or Canada.

I’m like, super excited to be taking the courses with Contenders Discipleship Institute for FREE! Yeah, free.
Can you believe that? I barely can.
Caleb started his classes first, but now I’m on board too.

This is quite the journey, ya know. This all started about 11 years ago when I wanted to become Amish and Caleb wanted to become a History teacher. Caleb wasn’t having anything to do with my Amish dreams, he had no intentions of giving up his electronics. He’s a different man today, he’s come a loooong way.

After the calling to become missionaries to Norway back in like 2015, and going through the motions to get over there, our hearts have been in missions, even though we didn’t realize it… until recently.
Just in case you are reading this and don’t know me personally, we didn’t end up going to Norway. *sigh*
It was a test from God to see if Caleb would be faithful in doing whatever was asked of him. That test was a hard hit to our hearts and spirts. It took quite awhile to get over. About 6 months after all the doors closed for us to go, God let Caleb in on why it didn’t happen. Although it was a relief to understand the reasons, it still stung a little.

Fast-forward nearly 5 years and we’re still having a desire to serve, but it’s been weird.

I’ll explain.

So back 8 years ago Caleb talked to our Pastor over a cup of Starbucks as to how God was really putting this desire to become a pastor and what should he do with it, like where should he begin? Our then-pastor was anything but helpful and to be honest, he really hurt my hubby’s heart. 

Follow up that mess with the Norway thing a few years after that and BOOM! another hit in the heart…talk about feeling defeated!

Jump ahead a few more years and we’re there reminiscing about our 4 years in middle Tennessee and those we got to serve while we were there and wouldn’t you know it, our eyes well up and we ached to live that life again. But how? I mean, we’re here in Florida among the semi-wealthy, we’d recently returned to attending a local ‘mega-church,’ and that desire to run-to-the-hills comes in rearing it’s rural head…again! So what do you do with this? Well, you hear an ad on Christian radio for Village Missions (at least Caleb did, I wasn’t with him at that moment). So he comes home and tells me about this ministry and CDI Bible School. Shortly after telling me about it he enrolls… for FREE! (Are you getting this? Hello…FREE Bible School?! Um, this is unheard of, until now! And yeah ANYONE can join and take these classes for whatever purpose you choose, i.e. homeschool, ministry, etc. Just putting that out there while excitedly screaming, lol). 

Okay, where was I? Oh, right…CDI.

So part of being in the course recommends/requires their students to have a mentor while enrolled and to seek one out at their local church. Yeah, well Caleb did that. At our multi-campus mega church there was LITerally no one to help him/us. Not only did they not have a mentor, but they gave him a phone number to another church somewhere in our area that we’ve never heard of and said to call them to see if they could help.

Um…. What?

Yeah, no.

So to say that Caleb and I were super discouraged would be quite the understatement. We decided to not attend church there anymore and have been getting our Church-nourishment from Gateway Church in Dallas, Tx. And it’s been soooo good! Even our youngest son chose to give his life to Jesus after one of Pastor Jimmy Evans’ messages, how cool is that?! (yeah, we celebrated!!)

Okay, so let’s talk about where we are now…

Well, during this quarantine time and work being unusual for Caleb (I’ll have to talk about that some other time or else this post will become a novel!) we decided to begin tithing to Village Missions every little bit of money God gave us. We wanted to spiritually invest in the ministry we were hoping to become a part of. This has gone on for about 8 months, I think. One day, out of the blue, I got a phone call from the Stewardship pastor at Village Missions (VM) and he’s thanking me for our donations. Oh well, let’s just say that my excitement was LITerally through the roof!!!
In doing my best to contain my exuberance I asked him if I could share with him why we’ve been giving. Thankfully he was interested to hear my story! So I filled him in on all that I’ve been sharing with you here in this post and how we couldn’t get a mentor, and that in his discouragement Caleb stopped pursuing CDI, and that this conversation in itself was a total God-thing. Wanna know what he did? This man contacted Ron Sallee, the director of CDI and had him call us to discuss all of this! Like, what?? No way!

And he did! Like, not even 2 hours later!!

So we talked to Ron, filled him in, had some great laughs while getting to know each other, and he said that he’d reach out to a couple people to see if they’d mentor us. Dude… can you even imagine how excited I was?! When I got off the phone I did the biggest praise-the-Lord dance in the most jumpy, obnoxious way I could manage without hurting myself!

Wanna know what happened after that???

Guess you better wait until I write the next post, lol.

Sorry, but I’ve gotta get back to my CDI assignment. I was supposed to be working on that, but I had to get this post outta my brain! 

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Until next time…
Keep your eyes on the prize –> Jesus ♥


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